The Next Beer Thing

Beer Layout BasicWhile I wait for content for the law  site I have been working onTest Layout I went  ahead and started planning out my  next template.  A current hobby of  mine is beer and what better way to  mesh my two favorite things then to  make a beer centric website.  It is still  in the early stages of development and  since it’s a side project I am in no major rush to finish, but recreating the glasses seem to be the most difficult aspect as several of them have awkward shapes.

The 1.0 version of this template will  more then likely have the glasses as  images while I work on perfecting the CSS to create them without having to worry about scaling. and it adds a bit more flexibility in regards to content itself.

So far what has been done is the very basic layout of the homepage.  There are still plenty of things that can change as I go through the process, but as with any good layout it all begins with an idea and a poor sketch or two to get the ideas out of your head.


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