Freelancing Begins Again

website2It took me a bit to get back into freelancing, but that isn’t out of lack of interest, it was out of lack of time to track down projects.  Working full time at a web company took some energy out of me keeping from not only pushing my own website and projects to completion, but also kept me from wanting to go out and look for new projects to take on.

That is until my friend came up to me with the request of making a website for his new law firm.  What could have been a quick and simple HTML site evolved into a much needed creativity project.  I was offered the chance to push the boundaries of what a traditional law site looks like and I began taking that to the next level.  For the last two weeks I have been coding and designing.

Before I started anything there was the quick PS mock up, that is what this blog is all about.  It is a quick glimpse into what happens in my process before the fun begins, normally with my projects I take my time in front of a dry erase board doodling layouts, like I did for my personal website.  Since this was for a client the process took a different turn, and instead of going to the dry erase board to appease myself I had to create a mock up for someone else to understand my design.

Normally what we see when we look at law sites, we see a boring, out dated design that anyone could have made from the late 90’s on, this is the 21st century after all which meant its time to leave bland HTML behind and embrace a new design methodology.  I personally stick to the school of flat design, and to push design forward I try to embrace layouts from all schools, for my own site I stuck with a normal paged site.  But it was time to break the mold of a typical information heavy site and push that into a one page parallax layout.

While nothing stunning to look at this is a glimpse into the methodology of a designer, before the code, and the design elements are created there is a simple layout concept, once this concept is created the next step is the logo and graphics.  With the basic elements created then and only then can everything be thrown together in a centrifuge of code and files to create a website.