About Me

After almost 10 years in the web industry I still can’t seem to get enough.  In 2006 I took an internship for web design and I was hooked on this ever evolving industry.  Since my internship I have found myself working with e-commerce systems as well as proprietary CSMs, forcing me to escape my shell of HTML and CSS and explore the wide world of Java, ASP, and PHP.

Once I made it to college I fell back on code to keep me busy, leading me to a job at the school newspaper as the web editor, giving me my love and devotion to WordPress, which I was awarded a pacemaker finalist in 2009 a winner in 2010 and a Florida Collegiate Newspaper award in 2011.  After graduating college I allowed my hobby to fall by the wayside when I stepped into the working world.

Currently I work for web.com as a designer, and after a two year hiatus have decided to reembrace my hobby of web design, leading me to re create my personal branding which you see infront of you.  The time has come for me to once again break out of my current comfort zone and explore what the internet can be molded into, parallax, responsive, and mobile first.  Front end design is where I belong, pushing the boundaries of what I can do with all the tools at my disposal.